Best Beaches In Belize

best beaches in belize

The Top 5 Best Beaches In Belize


Belize is located on the Caribbean Sea in Central America.  The capital is Belize City and is about 180 km from the best beaches in Belize.  Belize is a favorite destination for Americans, Canadians and travelers from the UK.   Why, simply because the English is the primary language of Belize.



Best beaches in belize

Top 5 beaches to visit in Belize


Placencia Peninsula

Placencia was originally inhabitated by the Mayans.  In the 1600’s the land was settled by English Puritans who came from North America.  But during the Spanish American War in the 1820’s the settlement was wipedout.  The name Placencia was given by the Spaniards.

Today Placencia is a great Caribbean hideaway to enjoy uncrowded beaches and the warm waters of the Caribbean.  Placencia is a family friendly beach where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing or just walking on the beach as the sunsets.

The village  of Placencia has around 1,200 residents.  They are very friendly and love to see new faces.  But you will not be a stranger for long.


Hopkins Village Beach

Hopkins beach stretches for 5 miles.  It is lined with palm trees, local residents, a great guest accomodations.  You can find local eateries to treat your taste buds.  The local cuisine is something you will not want to miss.  It is a low key place if your looking to relax, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, fish or learn about the local Afro-Ameriindian culture.  They will even teach you how to play the drums.  A kid friendly beach town your family will love.



Half Moon Caye

Half Moon Caye is a moon shaped beach straight out of the movies.  It’s beautiful white stands, palm trees and clear blue waters will dazzle all your sinces.  After you have spent time enjoying the beach stroll over to the other half of the caye.  It is home to the protected red footed booby which inhabits a littoral forest.

It is a no frills beach which makes it a great Caribbean secret hideaway.


best beaches in belize

Ambergris Caye

On Ambergris Caye you will find plenty of white sand beach to relax and listen to the sea waves crashing on the shore as you sip a frozen cocktail.  It also has a natural reef a half-mile away which makes the waters calm.  To the north and south of the island you will find great places to swim and sunbath.

Ambergris Caye is definitely worth a visit while you are in Belize.



Laughingbird Caye and Silk Cayes

A vacationers paradise, Laughingbird Caye and Silk Cayes (2 islands) are 11 miles from Placencia and are only a short distance from each other.  The beaches on these islands are located in marine reserves and are less than a mile long. You are not allowed to stay on the islands over night.  however you enjoy the day sunning by the Caribbean Sea or exploring the water’s rich marine life with no one else in sight.

No matter which beach you decide to visit you can not go wrong.   Belize is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It is worth visiting belize at least once in your life or you will be missing out.




You will find every type of lodging available in Belize from chain hotels and resorts to mom and pop type lodging.  You can find available lodging that will fit every taste and budget.  You can even sleep in palapas over the water.  Belize is a  truly unique experience.  Come solo or bring the whole family.  You will not be disappointed.  Instead of staying in a boring hotel room I invite you to stay at one of my friends place.   Imagine a whole condo for less than a hotel.



best beaches in belize


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