Lodging Roatan Honduras

lodging roatan honduras

Lodging In Roatan Honduras That Fits Any Budget And Style


The lodging options on Roatan Island Honduras is as diverse as the island ecosystem itself.  You can find everything from backpacking hostels to luxury beachfront villas.   The lodging you choose will depend on your lifestyle and preferences.  You can find hotels and condos in the more touristy and busy areas of West End or a queit and quant island top getaway.

No matter where you choose to stay you are never far from the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

There is something for every budget.  You can find hostel rooms for as little as $10/night or you can have full luxury houses into the hundreds of dollars per night.


lodging roatan honduras



Roatan even offers lodging options that are only available by water.  Yes located where there are no roads.  You can enjoy your own private beach in seclusion and privacy.  But you will not feel stuck because Roatan offers water taxis.  You can get to any of the seaside villages.  Plus the island itself has several on land transportation services to help you get around the island so you can explore, shop, dine or get to the airport with relative ease.


roatan honduras water taxi


No matter the size of your traveling party or age you will find something that everyone will enjoy.  Nothing is more enjoyable than falling asleep to the sound of the oceean.  The tradewinds will help keep you cool and the smell of the ocean will soothe your soul and mind.

Internet access is also available and most lodging options have wifi conectivity.  So even if you have to do some work while you are here you can.  When you have a view of the ocean it will not seem like work but you may find it hard to concentrate when you are surrounded by the tropical beauty of Roatan Island.

Roatan is a safe and friendly island.  Tourism is the primary economic source.  Some businesses are cash only and they do accept the U.S. Dollar.  You can find banking facilities in the capital of Coxen Hole.  Coxen Hole is where the Port of Roatan is located.   This is also where the cruise ships come into port.  They only stop here for the day so plan your trips accordingly.


lodging roatan honduras

lodging roatan honduras


Getting to Roatan is fairly simple as their are non-stop flights from a few major airports in the states.  The island also has a growing ex-pat community as more people learn about this secret Caribbean hideaway (not to secret now thanks to HGTV).  But you can still get deals on lodging and excursions.  There is something for everyone here in Roatan Honduras.


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  1. Roatan Honduras is an amazing beach in the Caribbean. The lodging facility in the beach trip can fit anybody’s pocket. One can enjoy various excursion activities provided on the beach

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