Things To See In Roatan Honduras

Things To See In Roatan Honduras

The Island Of Roatan Honduras Has A Lot To Offer


Roatan is an island of the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea.  There are lots of things to see in Roatan Honduras.   You can just kick back and enjoy the blue waters or the Caribbean or particiapate in a numerous fun activites available.


things to see in roatan honduras


Roatan is made up of several small villages


Coxen Hole – Capital of Roatan

The capital of Roatan is Coxen Hole and is home to the Port of Roatan.  The port can have 3 ships at a single time.  Royal Caribbean and ITM Group manage the port.  At this time the port is visited by the Norwegian, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruise ships.  The locals call Coxen Hole “el pueblo” which means the town in spanish or espanol.


The Village of West End

The most popular and crowded village is the West End.  The West End is the most busy tourist destination on the island.  You can find hotels, resorts, resteraunts, beaches and shops.  Beware most places do not take credit or debit card so bring cash.  You can find banks and atm’s in the capital of Coxen Hole.  You can also catch a water taxi in West End and they serve most villages on the island (book ahead to ensure you have a ride).

A must do activity is located in the Half Moon Bay.  There is a repurposed sailboat with a diving platform and good old fashioned rope swing.  It’s fun for kids and adults too. It is called iSoar but it is easy on the eyes as all of Half Moon Bay.



Things to see in roatan honduras


Sandy Bay


Sandy Bay is one of Roatan’s most established towns. It is located on the  northwest end of Roatan island just before you get to West End. Sandy Bay is located to the  west of Coxen Hole on the main road which takes you to the town of  West End and West Bay. In Sandy Bay you can find several rental properties, Roatan’s Backpacking Hostel, and a few short term lodgings as well. Sandy Bay has a large expat population too. The Blue Tropical Arboretum, the Mud Hole, and Palmetto Bay can be accessed near by Sandy Bay too.


things to see in roatan honduras


Flowers Bay

Flowers Bay is  located on the southwestern coastline of the island of Roatan, and it is between Coxen Hole and West Bay. The primary inhabitants of Flowers Bay are the local islanders. However, you will find a few expats residing here too. The location for Flowers Bay is ideal in that it is a short distance away from both West Bay and Coxen Hole. It is a great place to watch the cruise ships enter and leave the Port of Roatan.


Roatan Island Activities

One of the biggest activities on Roatan is scubadiving.  You can get certified as a diver and they also offer scube diver instructor certifications.  The clear blue waters and the proximity of the American/Meso Corral Reef make it a great place to enjoy snorkeling too.  The waters are warm and you can usually find a bay with calm water great for the whole family to enjoy.  Fishing is another great past time.  You can catch your own meal and grill it for dinner.

The tropical forest, cliffs and sea views make it a great place for hiking enthusiased to.  How about a round of golf.  The island has a few courses you can enjoy a round or two.  If you can take your eye off the scenery to concentrate on your game. The West Bay Golf Club is a 9 hole par 3 course that will test your short game.  It is a Dye designed course that is playable by all skill levels.  It can be played in less than 90 minutes so if you just have a short period of time book your tee time.



Fun Things To Do In Roatan



things to see in roatan honduras



A family friendly and children favorite is a visit to one of  the sloth sanctuaries.  They may look a little scary with their long fingernails but they are only used to help them hang onto tree limbs.  It brings back a time watching “The Cat in The Hat” as a kid.



things to see in roatan honduras

Food – who doesn’t like to eat


You will find all kinds of food all over the island but you are in the Caribbean.  So besure to try some of the local fare and the seafood is the freshest you can find anywhere (exept if you caught it yourself and cooked it right there.


things to see in roatan honduras



No matter if your on the Roatan Island for just a hours or an extended period of time you will find something you love to see and do.  Make the most of everyday and enjoy the sun and sand.


things to see in roatan honduras

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