Trujillo Honduras

Trujillo Honduras A True Caribbean Hideaway

Trujillo Honduras – See The Caribbean Without The Crowds


Trujillo Honduras a small town on the Caribbean coast.   It has a population size of a little over 30,000 inhabitants.  It is rich in history and has a lot to offer those looking for a secret hideaway in the Caribbean.


The history of Trujillo


The famous Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus arrived in Trujillo on the 14th day of August in the year 1502.  This was on his 4th and last trip to the Americas.  He called the place Punta de Caxinas.  This was the first time he reached the mainland of Central America.  Because of the deep water in this section of the Caribbean he refered to the area as Golfo do Honduras.

Trujillo was the first capital of Honduras before losing the title to  Comayagua.  Which inturn lost it to Tegucigalpa in 1880.  The area has has a rich history which has drawn many people to visit this Caribbean village.

American author O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) spent about a year living in Honduras, primarily in Trujillo. He later wrote a number of short stories that took place in “Coralio” in the fictional Central American country of “Anchuria”, based on the real town of Trujillo. Most of these stories appear in his book Of Cabbages and Kings.


The 5 Best Attractions in Trujillo, Honduras

  1. Campo Del Mar Nature Park
  2. Fortaleza de Santa Barbara
  3. Capiro and Calentura National Park
  4. Banana Coast Tours
  5. Trujillo Scuba and Snorkel


trujillo honduras



The food is as delicious as the scenery is beautiful.  You can find food for any taste and budget.  Your in the Caribbean so you will find some of the freshest seafood on the planet.  It is a small low key town but your tastebuds will not get bored of trying the food.


5 Places to eat in Trujillo

  1. Cafe Vino Tinto
  2. El Delfin
  3. Ares Coffee
  4. El Muelle Pizzeria Y Restaurante
  5. Restaurante Bu-K-Nero


Trujillo honduras

Accommodations in Trujillo

The accommodations in Trujillo are diverse and span all budget levels.  They go from low key hostels to luxurious beach side homes.  You can find accommodations starting out as low as $13 USD and it goes up from there.  But you can easily find beachfront condominiums  for rent for only $85/night.  For the same setup in Panama City Beach, FL you would be paying $400 + a night.  So if your willing to get out of the tourist areas you can find inexpensive accommodations that allow anyone to enjoy a great Caribbean vacation.


Getting to Trujillo Honduras


There are several ways to get to Trujillo.  The major international airport in Honduras is San Piedro Sula Airport.  You can find daily flights from various departure cities in the United States.  Once you land in San Piedro Airport you will want to catch a bus to the city of San Piedro.  The buses travel every 15 minutes and cost is around $15 – 23.  From there you will need to catch the bus for Trujillo.   Once you leave San Piedro it is a little over a 5 hour bus ride and cost around $15 – 55 and departs two times a day.


trujillo honduras


Once you arrive in Trujillo you will be welcomed by the warm Caribbean sea and friendly faces that will make you wish you never had to go home.   Wifi access is available at most accomodations so working remotely is possible.   With the affordability of accomodations you can easily afford to extend your trip a week or even a month.

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