Xcalak Quintana Roo Mexico

Xcalak Quintana Roo Mexico

Xcalak Quintana Roo Mexico  A True Caribbean Gem

The area is also commonly called the Costa Maya.  It is a lot less touristy than the more famous locations on the Yucatan such as Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or Tulum.  Xcalak does not have cruise ships so it is never crowded.  If you want a laid back vacation that still offers white sand beaches and blue Caribbean water.  Xcalak may just be for you.
The drive time from Cancun International Airport is just shy of 6 hours.  You will want to stop before heading to town for groceries and such.  Because their are no full service grocery stores or gas stations either.  So be sure to top off the tank before you head down the final stretch.


xcalak quintana roo mexico


If you do not want to drive there is a public bus service you can catch in Cancun.  Be sure to check with the bus lines to ensure you get on the right connecting buses.  You should only have to change buses once in Chetumal.   Depending on when you leave Cancun you may have to overnight in the city of Chetumal.  Xcalak is on the border of Mexico and Belize.  If you are visiting one of the beaches in Belize I invite you to visit the Costa Maya.


In Xcalak you can find a few restaurants, small local convenience stores and watering holes.   Also bring all the money you will need and exchange your dollars for pesos prior to heading to Xcalak because there are no ATM’s (at the time of this writing).

The beach is protected by the MesoAmerican Reef (Grand Mayan Reef) so the water is very swimmable for all swimmers.  You can also go snorkeling, scuba diving and the area is a great place to fly fish on the flats.

Also the roads in town are not paved and it is never crowded.  It is great for people who like a quiet and peaceful beach experience.


Lodging in Xcalak


You will not find fancy name brand hotels or big resorts.  But you will find more intimate lodging options in small boutique style hotels, B and B’s and lodging options offered by the local population.

You can find very affordable beachfront lodging for as little as $30/night depending on your style, needs and of course budget.  But if you are on a budget then Xcalak could become your favorite Caribbean secret hideaway.

When you arrive in town you will be welcomed not only with the sea breeze but with a warm and welcoming smile.



xcalak quintana roo mexico



Activities available in Xcalak

  • Visiting Mayan Ruins
  • Beach Walking
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fishing
  • Relaxing reading a book in peace and quiet


If you are looking for a more tourist related vacation with lots of people, big expensive resorts and overpriced goods and services then Xcalak is not for you.  But if you want a more low key and relaxing vacation where you can meet the locals then I highly recommend Xcalak.   The best time of the year to visit is November through May.  This is when you will have more sun filled days and less chances of rain.


ven a visitarnos en xcalak


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